Vol.20: The relation between male hormones and ED

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I previously wrote about the nitric-monoxide which is strongly related to the sympathetic nerve, and actually the male hormone actually plays an important role to getting an erection. The male hormone is called testosterone and it has a role to reinforce muscles and to actively promote mental activity. Besides these, there is a function where the testosterone keeps blood vessel function normal by increasing a nitric-monoxide, too. When the male hormone decreases, it causes a decrease in the nitric-monoxide as well, in other words, the possibility to develop ED will increase.
It’s known that the male hormone decreases due to aging and stress. When male hormones decrease, not only can this be be a cause of developing ED but also it sometimes causes the symptoms such as feeling anxious, irritated, having less sexual desire and less concentration and memory and so on. Such conditions are called aging gonad depression syndrome or LOH syndrome (LOH: late-onset hypogonadism) and it can be thought of as a kind of male-climacteric fault. Some of the cases will need a male hormone substitution-therapy which will be necessary as well as ED curative, so please be aware.



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