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Good location, 1 minute walk from Shibuya Stream. Secure privacy.
It is conveniently located just a 1-minute walk from Shibuya Stream, and you can use the elevator directly from the entrance to enter and exit the waiting room.
ED treatment / AGA treatment / premature ejaculation treatment is only for medicine. Generics are also available.
There are no medical examination fees or consultation fees, and there is no charge other than medicine for prescription in the hospital. We also accept payment by various credit cards. (However, only one-time payment is available.)
Supports online medical care. You can have a medical examination anywhere from your smartphone.
In addition to face-to-face medical examinations, we also support online medical examinations in order to provide medical examinations that emphasize privacy. We support not only busy business people but also patients who are reluctant to visit the hospital.
No reservation, consultation fee, or various ID cards required. It is easier and more familiar than anywhere else.
No reservation is required, and there are no medical examination fees or consultation fees. The in-hospital prescription costs nothing but medicine. Speed ​​prescription immediately after visiting the hospital. No insurance card is required, and you do not need to show your ID in principle.




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  • All doctors are men
  • Privacy compliance
  • No insurance card or ID required
Weekdays 11:00 ∼ 20:00
Saturday,Sunday 10:30 ∼ 20:00
Closed on Thursdays