AGA Treatment (Male Pattern Baldness Treatment)

The sooner you start AGA(Andorogenic Alopecia)treatment the more effective it is.
Are you ever bothered by hair loss symptoms like these?

  • Increaed hair loss
  • Hair becomes weaker and thinner across the scalp
  • Thinning hair
  • Hair stars losing volume and thickness

These concerns can be solved with doctor consultation at SHIBUYA 3RD BLOCK CLINIC.
Online consultation is also available.
AGA medications from 3,800yen per month.

Online medical apointment


Frist choice medicine for AGA tretment with high preventive effect.


Certain level or higher preventive effect and hair regrowth effect may be expected than Finasteride.

Minoxidil Tablets

AGA medicine with high hair regrowth effect.Applied for progressed AGA.Combining the medications Minoxidil and Finasteride is even more effective.

Minoxidil topical solution

Minoxidil topical solution is effective when combined with finasteride or dutasteride.

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