Vol.22: Is it true that Viagra causes sperm abnormality?

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【Is it true that Viagra causes sperm abnormality?】


When taking ED curatives (Viagra, Cialis and Levitra), isn’t there a bad influence on the sperm? Or can it be a cause of male infertility? For the people who really want a baby, it must be a serious concern. A lot of research has been conducted all over the world so far in regard to the change in the sperm’s motor-ability, survival ability, fertility , morphology change, volume and number per unit when taking the ED curatives. However, even if it’s about Viagra (sildenafil) that most research has been conducted, the results vary and it still isn’t clear as there is controversy about whether it improves or worsens the male infertility.
However, in many research results which compared the difference between a Viagra group and a placebo group, it has been reported that the sperm’s motor-ability, survival ability and fertility was slightly increased and the morphology change, volume and number per unit didn’t show any change in the Viagra group. As a result, we can expect a slight effect to improve the male infertility by taking Viagra.
Also based on the above mentioned reason, there are quite a few facilities overseas, which are recommending taking Viagra for the purpose of supporting the ejaculation when gathering sperm for artificial insemination. However, the treatment results at these facilities aren’t much different from the ones at the other facilities and the deformed child birthrate is similar as well. Therefore, in any case, the influence which Viagra gives to the sperm is considered to be not much at this stage.

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【Supervisor of this article】

Ken Takemori, MD. An anesthesiologist and Director of Shibuya 3rd Block Clinic.


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