Vol.26: Liquor and ED

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I guess that the experience of many people shows that they can relax when having a drink. As I mentioned in the previous column, there is a relationship between “tension → sympathetic nervous tone → ED”, because what is necessary to get an erection is relaxation. Drinking seems to have a good influence on ED, doesn’t it? Indeed, it says that the right amount of drinking has a good influence for the ED prevention. Of course it must be the proper quantity though. However there is another reason besides the above-mentioned relaxation effect, too. The enzyme which is called an alcohol dehydrogenase becomes active when drinking, and the alcohol dehydrogenase removes the active-oxygen and reduces an oxidation stress. Because the oxidation stress causes ED, it is improved. Because this active-oxygen gives damage to DNA and causes cancer, it’s said that the right amount of drinking reduces the risk of getting cancer, too. However, if drinking too much, it can be a cause of ED and also gives a bad influence on the body such as the liver function. Taking a proper amount is always important. Moreover, we have to be careful because the excessive drinking has the possibility to weaken the effect of Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, as well.



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