Vol.29: Does the effectiveness of ED become less?

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The ED curatives such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis are valued of their high ED improvement but also there are few side effects. At our practice, there are many patients who have been impressed by their amazing effectiveness. However, there was a patient who was concerned and asked “This medicine really worked well, but does the effectiveness become weak when I keep taking it?”
It is true that some medicine’s effectiveness becomes less after taking them over and over. This is called tolerance. However for the ED curatives, you don’t have to worry about this.
The ED curative is a type of medicine where the more you take, the more it becomes effective. As I mentioned in a previous column, ED curative is called PDE5 inhibitor and it increases nitric-monoxide (NO) production and improves blood vessel function. As improving the blood vessel function and getting the normal bloodstream can improve ED, it’s easy to imagine that the ED curative will become more effective, isn’t it?
Therefore we usually don’t have to worry about the tolerance.



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