Vol.30: The taste of ED curative

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【The taste of ED curative】


It seems that quite a few people actually buy the ED curative through the individual importers. We sometimes see the patients who bring the tablets which they bought through the individual importers. It’s quite difficult to tell by just looking them in many cases. However, there was a case where the tablet looked exactly same as Cialis but there was a mark “100” on it and it was obvious that it wasn’t a real one because Cilias doesn’t have any mark of “100”.
By the way, I came across a patient who knew an impressive way to tell if they are real ones or not at my clinic the other day. According to him, he could tell by tasting them, as a result of this he tried many of them by purchasing through the individual importers and he found out that there were so many imitations simply by trying them by himself. According to him, the real ones have strong bitter taste. On the other hand, the imitations usually have either less bitterness or none. To be sure, I’ve received many comments that the ED curative tasted quite bitter. Because I’ve never thought of distinguishing the real ones by tasting them, I was impressed at first, but I found out that this way had a big blind point.
I said, “Excuse me sir, I know that it’s great that you can tell it by tasting. But in this way, you never know unless you actually receive the tablets which you order, don’t you?”
He said “Well….you are right, as we can’t taste it before purchasing. So then I finally decided to purchase them at a practice because there are so many imitations”
Although the patient laughed it away, there is actually no way to tell the real ones from imitations. I think that you’d be better see a doctor to get a prescription for ED curative.


【Supervisor of this article】

Ken Takemori, MD. An anesthesiologist and Director of Shibuya 3rd Block Clinic.


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