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【Cialis improves type 2 diabetes】


The Cialis is a long acting-type ED curative and it’s characterized by having less side effects and dietary influence. It’s thought that it’s effective on the other diseases besides ED, and various papers have been released overseas.
This time, we want to introduce the research where the Cialis brought the advantageous effect on type 2 diabetes.
First, diabetes is classified into type 1 and 2. Explaining about this without going into detail and to be easy to understand (actually it’s more complicated), however, type 1 is the one where the blood glucose level increases because of the secretion of insulin (a hormone which decreases blood glucose) is fundamentally lacking. Type 2 is the one where the blood glucose level increases although the insulin is secreted sufficiently but it doesn’t have enough effect. Such a condition which is seen in the type 2 diabetes is called “insulin resistance”. As for the cause of the insulin resistance, it’s mainly thought to be obesity. Being obese → insulin resistance increases → blood glucose level increasing → developing diabetes. So then the weight control by diet and exercise therapy is usually required to break off this vicious circle. As for the type 1, you have no choice but to inject insulin by yourself, because the insulin itself is originally made too difficult.
There was a report “Tadalafil increases muscle capillary recruitment and forearm glucose uptake in women with type 2 diabetes” in a magazine called Diabetologia in 2010. In this research, the taking-in of glucose in the periphery was higher when using 20㎎of Cialis compared with the placebo group. Because the insulin-concentration-in-blood during testing didn’t change, the glucose level intake to the cell was increased. In other words, the insulin’s effectiveness was better which means the insulin resistance was improved.
But because this effect wasn’t seen in the case of loading glucose, the effect seems not to be effective on the postcibal hyperglycaemia.
As for the reason why the insulin resistance improved, the researchers concluded that it was because the blood circulation in the blood capillary of skeletal muscle was improved by the effect of Cialis. It is very interesting data but we have to be careful because the research objects were women as written in the title.
I guess that, in the future, the effects of the PDE5 inhibitors such as Cialis in the various fields will be proved.


【Supervisor of this article】

Ken Takemori, MD. An anesthesiologist and Director of Shibuya 3rd Block Clinic.


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