Vol.34 The coverage about Bicycling and Erectile Dysfunction in a weekly magazine called “Shūkan Gendai”

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【The coverage about Bicycling and Erectile Dysfunction in a weekly magazine called “Shūkan Gendai”】


The comment made by Furuichi Masayuki (vice-director of this practice) was introduced in an article about Bicycling and Erectile Dysfunction in the “Shūkan Gendai” which was published on 18th September 2010. The article’s title was “Cyclist ED: men who develop ED caused by bicycling are increasing”
Hereafter, is a quotation from the article.

In Japan, the relationship between “bicycling and ED” isn’t known well but in Europe and America, it’s been pointed out for quite a long time and the research has been done as well. Furuichi Masayuki of the Shibuya 3rd block clinic vice-director explains about this in the following way.
“According to the research in foreign countries, the penile sensory paralysis caused by penile nervous disorder was seen in 61% of the cyclists, and symptom of ED was seen in 24% of them. In our practice, there are quite a few men who developed ED possibly from cycling as a main cause”.
As supplemental information to the above, I’d like to introduce about a bicycle seat which is associated with ED as well as a cause of “Cyclist ED” and bicycle seat which prevent getting “Cyclist ED”, which I previously mentioned in the column Vol.7: ED and cycling.

The biggest cause of “Cyclist ED” is a barotrauma with the pubic (groin) which occurs due to supporting most of body weight only with the hard and narrow bicycle seat. The racing bicycle (road racer and mountain bike) has a hard and narrow seat. As it is different from the normal bicycle‘s seat, it supports the whole body weight only on both sides of the ischiadic-spine (both of the projecting bone in the lower bottom part) and pubic. The more the head is in a forward posture, the more it gives a higher ratio of body weight onto the pubic area out of these three points.
Because a urethra, prostate, ejaculatory duct, pubic nerves, pubic artery and veins and so on that are related with erection function are located in the pubic area to the root of penis, the Cyclist ED is caused when these parts keep getting strong pressure or impact.

In this practice, we recommend to change the bicycle seat for the patients who it is thought that cycling this may possibly be the main cause of ED. What we recommend is the type of seat which supports the weight on the whole buttocks like the seat on normal bicycles or the type which doesn’t have a nose part.
Furuichi vice-director is using one that has no nose part, too. According to him, “At the beginning there was a strange feeling but I got used to it in a week. As this type of bicycle seat is available in a couple of varieties and sold in locally and overseas as well, you’d best look for one that suits you.”
Why don’t you try this type of bicycle seat where you don’t have to worry about ED and you can enjoy cycling?

The coverage about Bicycling and Erectile Dysfunction in a weekly magazine called Shūkan Gendai


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