Vol.6: The most sexless country in the world: Japan

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【The most sexless country in the world: Japan】


According to the Durex sexual well-being survey 2007, which is a sexual attitude survey implemented by Durex Inc, a condom manufacturer, the top three countries in the ranking for the number of times to have sexual intercourse per year was as the following.
1st Greece 164 times
2nd Brazil 145 times
3rd Poland 143 times
So, Japan was ranked …. the lowest out of 26 countries in total as it was 48 times per year. If this was a World Cup, we would be out in the first round…..
I think that it isn’t only for the simple reason that it is due to the difference in ethics or culture and so on, but also it must be an indication of how stressful Japanese society is.
As I explained in a previous column, the stress activates the sympathetic nerve and brings continuous nerve excitement and tension. But because the relaxing condition is actually necessary for an erection, the stress has a bad influence not only as a cause of ED but also to the sexual desire itself.
Greece, where the government is facing a big financial problem at present, was the clear number one in the investigation result in 2007. Although they are accused of having a high percentage of the number of public officers as well as high annual salary and pension and so on, I wonder if they had less stress. However, if the prop-up measures by the government of cutting the annual salary and pension sharply and so on, gives influence on the number of times to have sexual intercourse, the above story may become more likely to be true.
Incidentally, Japan is said to be the 43rd out of 97 countries in the investigation into the level of happiness in the world and it’s the worst out of all the developed countries. I’m not sure about the correlation between the stress and level of happiness, but it seems to be conflicting, so that this result seems to be unavoidable・・・
In Japan, for the people with a lot of stress, I hope we can help to increase the happiness level through the ED treatment as much as possible.


【Supervisor of this article】

Ken Takemori, MD. An anesthesiologist and Director of Shibuya 3rd Block Clinic.


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