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Vol.33 Learn the knack when taking Levitra by looking at the graph
Levitra (generic name:Vardenafil) is very popular medicine as the latest fast acting-type ED curative. In the previous column we explained about the characteristic of how Cilias can be effective and the knack of the way of taking it while referring to the blood concentration graph. This time, let us see the blood concentration graph for...  read more
Vol.32 Cialis improves type 2 diabetes
The Cialis is a long acting-type ED curative and it’s characterized by having less side effects and dietary influence. It’s thought that it’s effective on the other diseases besides ED, and various papers have been released overseas. This time, we want to introduce the research where the Cialis brought the advantageous effect on type 2...  read more
Vol.31 Learn the knack of taking Cialis by looking at the graph
This time, we introduce you to the knack of taking Cialis (generic name : Tadalafil). Cialis is a long acting-type of ED curative which is very different from the other ED curatives (Viagra and Levitra) in the change of the blood concentration after taking it. Generally, because the strength of the effectiveness of the medicine...  read more
Vol.30: The taste of ED curative
It seems that quite a few people actually buy the ED curative through the individual importers. We sometimes see the patients who bring the tablets which they bought through the individual importers. It’s quite difficult to tell by just looking them in many cases. However, there was a case where the tablet looked exactly same...  read more
Vol.29: Does the effectiveness of ED become less?
The ED curatives such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis are valued of their high ED improvement but also there are few side effects. At our practice, there are many patients who have been impressed by their amazing effectiveness. However, there was a patient who was concerned and asked “This medicine really worked well, but does the...  read more
Vol.28: Hyperlipidemia and ED
Fat, it mainly means cholesterol. I guess many of you have heard the way of talking about cholesterol as being good or bad. Hyperlipidemia has been in an impregnable position as a middle-aged and elderly lifestyle disease, the same as hypertension and diabetes. Considering hyperlipidemia is a risk-factor of arteriosclerosis, we’d be better think that...  read more
Vol.27: Does Viagra actually increase aphrodisia?
The ED curative which is called PDE5 inhibitor such as Viagra is the medicine which is used to normalize the erection function by increasing the penile bloodstream. It is never the medicine which improves aphrodisia itself like the energy drinks and aphrodisiac. However, there are some patients who misunderstand about this and some others are...  read more
Vol.26: Liquor and ED
I guess that the experience of many people shows that they can relax when having a drink. As I mentioned in the previous column, there is a relationship between “tension → sympathetic nervous tone → ED”, because what is necessary to get an erection is relaxation. Drinking seems to have a good influence on ED, doesn’t...  read more
Vol.22: Is it true that Viagra causes sperm abnormality?
When taking ED curatives (Viagra, Cialis and Levitra), isn’t there a bad influence on the sperm? Or can it be a cause of male infertility? For the people who really want a baby, it must be a serious concern. A lot of research has been conducted all over the world so far in regard to...  read more
Vol.21: Not getting an erection in the morning is a warning sign of ED: Part 2
As I previously explained, the terrestrial Mammalia repeats non-REM sleep (deep sleep) and REM sleep (comparatively shallow sleep) during sleeping. As for the healthy men, the phenomenon which is called "nocturnal penile tumescence" occurs during REM sleep. This erection phenomenon which occurs approximately 4-8 times is caused due to the seesaw relationship between two kinds...  read more
Vol.20: The relation between male hormones and ED
I previously wrote about the nitric-monoxide which is strongly related to the sympathetic nerve, and actually the male hormone actually plays an important role to getting an erection. The male hormone is called testosterone and it has a role to reinforce muscles and to actively promote mental activity. Besides these, there is a function where...  read more
Vol.19: Cigarette and ED
It is well known that the smoking causes a vascular endothelium disorder and to be a risk-factor of the cerebrovascular accident such as myocardial infarction and angina. However it’s not only this problem, but smoking is considered as a possible cause of ED, too. According to some of the research report, the ED’s disease rate...  read more